Here at Republican, we have a vibrant and GROWING Children’s Ministry! We firmly believe that the children at our church are not just the future, but the present for ministry. We have many opportunities for our children to get involved through activities and Bible studies. Check it out below!

Children’s Church

Children’s church meets during the 11:00 Worship Service every other Sunday. We believe that this gives the kids the opportunity to receive the Bible message in a setting more accessible to them, while they can also learn the discipline of sitting and listening in a large church setting on the off Sundays. Children’s Church is available to all children grade 3 and under that are not in the nursery. March Children’s Church Dates: March 12 & 26.

Sunday Night Children’s Service

On the first Sunday of the month from 5-6PM at Republican, we hold a service for all children grades 4-6. At these services, we offer music, games, Bible Lessons, and Bible training. March Children’s service date is March 5!

Wednesday Night Children’s Mission Groups

Every Wednesday night from 7-8PM, our Children have the opportunity to participate in specialized mission groups here at the church. For more information on these groups, please click on the links below:



Royal Ambassadors





Girls in Action







Mission Friends



For a copy of the full Children’s calendar for 2017, click here!