What We Need To Be Afraid Of

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Yes, you guessed it, it’s that time of year when every thing “spooky” comes out of the closet. I am amazed at the things we have created from our imaginations to frighten ourselves with. Hollywood has for years now, stretched the boundaries of creative license to make new things to be afraid of.  We have raised an entire generation that has become so enamored with all things horrific (both real and imagined) that they are almost seared to the normal feeling of fear.                                                                                                                              Well the Lord spends a great deal of time in Scripture reminding us again and again to “fear not”. That we have nothing to fear because He is with us, He loves us, and He is greater than anything that goes bump in the night. But interestingly enough there is one thing that He says we should Fear. Luke 12:5 tells us the following; “fear Him Who has the power to cast you into hell”. So what is He saying? In the previous verse Jesus again tells us to not fear man or man made things, but instead fear God who holds your eternity in His hand. This fall instead of teaching your kids to fear Zombies and monsters, teach them that the only fear they should have is a correct fear of God. A fear of walking through these perilous times without Him. A fear of facing eternity separated from His grace and love. That’s truly scary if you think about it. (PS) There are brain sucking zombies….they are disguised as secular media and humanistic pundits  trying to tell you Heaven isn’t real, God doesn’t exist, and if He does He surely want let anyone go to Hell! OOOOh, now those are some scary lies! RUN!!